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The Magnificence of Crystals

Formed over millions of years on the earths crust from natural minerals, lava, heat, and pressure crystals are the embodiment of mother earth at her best.

The mesmerising beauty, the variance of colours, shades, formation, shape and healing energies have made crystals as alluring to us as they were to our ancestors in the ancient civilisations from Japan, Chinese and India to the East to the Mayan in the West.

Albert Einstein famously said, ‘Every thing is life is vibration.’ Crystals are no exception with each gemstone embodying a unique vibrational energy emitting a specific kind of healing energy.

Vedic wisdom helps us understand how the vibrational energy of crystals interact with our own energy fields. This wisdom states that the human form is made up of five layers: The first is the physical body with the remaining four layers being more subtle layers; the energy body, the mental body, wisdom body and the bliss body.

The vibration of crystals interact with our four subtle layers.

Intuitively you will know which crystal appeals to you as your subtle bodies instinctively know which vibrational energy your soul is in need of.

Sometimes you need healing energy of mother earth, the rose quartz to absorb your pain and sorrows and surround you in love, other times you seek the clear quartz to convert negative energy around you into positive energy, sometimes you seek the powerful energy of obsidian to shield you from negativity and other times the healing, meditative properties of the beautiful amethyst. Our ‘which crystal‘ guide on the crystals rollers gives more information on the properties of each of the Crystals Rollers and Gua Sha we sell.

Crystals can form an integral part of your inner wellbeing and the cultivation of your GLOW! Like any live energy, crystals also need self care. To replenish its vibrational energy and GLOW you should regularly connect your crystals to mother earth’s energy such as sun, moon, earth or sea. Placing your crystals in the sun light, full moon light, or on the grass in your garden or even on the soil of any indoor plant will allow your crystal to rejuvenate itself.

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