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The Importance of Negative Ions to our Wellbeing

Have you ever wanted the feeling of peace, harmony, joy and positivity you felt whilst near the sea, on a mountain, in the forest, by a waterfall or out in the open could be sustained in your daily life?

I know I have, even taking videos of the majesty of nature in the hope that will rekindle the feeling of wellbeing when returning to normal life.

What I didn’t know then was that it was the presence of negative ions, which are in abundance in any natural surrounding, that significantly contributed to that feeling. What I also know now is that it is possible to naturally recreate that feeling in our daily lives by increasing the negative ions in our environment.

The air we breathe has both negative and positive ions. The negative ones are ‘positive’ and the positive ones are ‘negative’ to our well being.

This article will not attempt to explain the science of ions as there are many better explanations online. This article focuses on the wellbeing aspects and how you can naturally cultivate negative ions within your daily environment. The quantum of negative ions in a natural setting could be 5000 per square foot, whereas in the average urban home it can be as low as 50 per square foot and in some urban areas zero.

Yogic wisdom says your vitality, vibrancy and inner wellbeing is determined by a number of factors, of which a significant one is the quality of your breath. Not just the depth and pace of your breath but the quality of the air you breath in. Air with a high level of negative Ions increases the prana, the vital life force within us. It makes us feel better, lifts our mood, increases our vibrancy, improves the quality of sleep and allows us to operate at our optimal wellbeing.

Scientists have been researching the wellbeing aspect of negative ions for over a 100 years. Whilst the research undertaken has not been on a wide enough scale for there to be conclusive evidence, there is sufficient weight to support the conclusion that a greater presence of negative ions reduces symptoms of depression, increases cognitive functions, increases reaction speed and alleviates anxiety. The studies have also shown that a greater presence of positive ions has the converse impact.

There are many ways to naturally increase the presence of negative ions in your daily life :

  • take a daily walk in an abundance of nature.

  • spend a few minutes in your garden, taking long deep breaths of fresh garden cultivated air.

  • have indoor plants, your local garden centre will advise you which ones have a greater negative ion release.

  • an indoor water feature, the tiny release of micro water droplets combine into the air to increase the quantum of negative ions in your home environment.

  • daily yogic breathing which creates an electrical energy that converts the positive ions within you into negative.

It was no coincident that my research on this article explained to me why the tourmaline crystal is one of Sonali’s favourites. Not only are the colour variants stunning and its natural crystal energy release of protecting, grounding / integrity make you feel safe, strong and confident within yourself - but it is believed these natural beauties also convert the moisture from the air into negative ions.

It is even more important, as we enter the colder months and spend more time indoors, to find ways to increase the dominance of negative ions within your home environment to aid yours and your family’s inner wellbeing.

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