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Crystals For Men

A wise old soul told me there is no gender bias in colours or crystals. And of course, she is right; the human body is, in fact, made of a mix of feminine and masculine energy. The feminine energy dominates the left side of our body and the masculine the right.

Anecdotally, however, it can be said there is a bias between men and women and the crystals that resonate with them. We are wired differently and therefore we have often found that men are drawn to certain masculine crystals with strong, protective, dynamic qualities.

This blog is a guide on the more popular crystal choices for men and their energetic release:


The deep blue colour stimulates the energies of the throat and third eye chakra, uniting effectiveness of speech with logic, intuition and perception to give confidence in ones decisions and empowerment of oration. An excellent aid for public speaking, presentations or group discussions and acts to calm the mind and the minds chatter. The balancing of the yin yang energies with this crystal eliminates mental confusion, giving way to rationality of approach.

Smokey Quartz

A crystal of polarity with its strong grounding and protective energies as well as its high vibrational frequency to bring a calming meditative energy. An excellent crystal for protecting against hostility and negativity as well as detoxifying tensions and disputes. Its healing connection with the root and sacral chakra imbibes a steady confidence in oneself, alleviates low moods and fortifies the resolve to overcome difficulties.

Tigers Eye

A dynamic crystal; visually and energetically. It connects with the lower three chakras, root, sacral and solar plexus to give the strong energetic release of grounding, invoking passion for life and ones purpose, and a determination and willpower to succeed, making it a popular success manifestation crystal. Also known as a protective crystal, deflecting negativity or ill wishes and an excellent travel talisman, keeping your journey and travels in life smooth and safe.


A powerful crystal that should be used in polished form. An excellent crystal for transformational changes, ready companion for new ventures or ambitious progressions in life, work or business. Known for absorbing negative energies, it allows new journeys to be free of negative distractions, releases inhibitions and insecurities and gives confidence to fulfil your journey. Connected with the heart chakra, it is an excellent energy resource for relationship and love, with a wise and masculine heart energy it allows space to gain insight on patterns of behaviour that no longer serve you, to make way for self love and confidence.


No glossary of crystals for men is complete without the vibrant and dynamic citrine. Known as the merchants stone, the citrine increases the frequency of success by igniting the dynamic sun within. Creating an energy of abundance, will power, manifestation, success, wealth and prosperity. Like the powerful sun's rays, it dissipates negativity and raises the inner vibration to imbibe a positive outlook, thereby increasing self esteem and confidence in ones ability to manifest desires and goals. An excellent resource to rise to your own challenges.

Lapis Lazuli

A dynamic crystal connected to the throat and third eye chakra. Enhances perception and wisdom of life, people and situations and empowers confidence, clarity and effectiveness of ones speech. Connects to your higher self, to aid in making decisions and rational choices. A powerful thought and speech amplifier to manifest your affirmations. Balances the yin yang energy to give mood stability, calmness of mind and rationality of thought process. An effective companion in any business / work setting.


A strong protective molton rock stone that forms a shield against negativity and absorbs negative energies to cleanse your space. Connected to the root chakra, it creates stability, grounding and a belief in oneself. Balancing the

root chakra alleviates stress and tensions and inspires confidence in ones ability to succeed, impelling a desire to progress. Due to its strong connection to earth, this stone draws out the organic source of anxiety and allows you to confront and resolve them to dissolve emotional and energetic blockages that hold you back.

Please contact us if you want more information on these crystal energies. We have a range of crystal products from bracelets to crystal infused roller bottles to allow you to tap into the magnificent crystal energies and aid the wellbeing of your journey.

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