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How do I measure my bracelet size?

Use a measuring tape or string and ruler to measure your wrist. Order a bracelet approximately 1cm more than this, or what feels comfortable to wear.

How do I take care of my crystals?
We suggest you avoid over-stretching your crystals when putting them on or taking them off - roll them over your hands rather than pulling. Remove before bathing, sleeping or playing sports and avoid contact with perfume & cleaning chemicals.

Crystals can be fragile so please protect from scrapes or bumps. Please do not leave children unattended with small crystals.

How do I cleanse my crystal energy?

Leave in sunlight (not too long to avoid fading!) or moonlight to recharge. Alternatively, smudge with palo santo or sage stick, place next to selenite or return it to nature and place it on soil.

What if I order the wrong size?

Fill out our Contact Us form with the subject 'Problem with Order'. Note that bracelets ordered in an incorrect size or style will incur a total of £5 for Postage, Packaging and Restringing which does not include cost of return.

How do I order a bespoke bracelet that isn't available on your site?

Fill out our Contact Us form to enquire about custom bracelets.

How do I choose which crystal to order

All of our crystal products come with a description of the crystals. If you need further guidance, fill out our Contact Us form to enquire about a call to help decide.

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