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Green Jade

Which Crystal is for me?

Green Jade

The cleansing stone

The Green Jade cleansing crystal is one of the most esteemed crystals in ancient civilisations, known for its power of healing and protection. It harmonises and balances the Heart Chakra, both emotionally and physically. It removes negativity and toxins and opens up your energy to positivity and luck; it soothes the mind, releases negative thoughts and irritability, whilst aiding the body’s filtration and toxin elimination organs. It's widely known as a stone that blesses all it touches, attracting luck and friendship.


Rose Quartz

The love stone

The Rose Quartz crystal is a mothering crystal known as the love stone. It has an ability to lift sorrows and surround you with love. It's directly connected to your Heart Chakra and enhances a feeling of self-love thereby promoting self-esteem. Whilst putting an energy of love around your auric field, its known to attract peace, love and harmony into your life. Rested on the Heart Chakra, Rose Quartz absorbs sadness and lifts you emotionally.

Rose Quartz


the meditative stone

Amethyst is a beautiful healing stone with high spiritual vibration. It cleanses your aura, reduces anxiety and creates a calm positive stillness around you, so enhances your meditative state. It's a protective stone that guards against negativity, changing the energy into positive. It stimulates your Third Eye and Crown Chakra, which leads to greater clarity, perception and wisdom; it is the crystal of intuition.

Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz

the master healer

Clear Quartz is the Master healer; as the most powerful healing stone, it is a highly spiritual crystal linked to the Crown Chakra, connecting you with your higher self. It has a deep power to heal physically and emotionally by cleansing negative energy. It brings your body to balance by aligning all the chakras, thereby enhancing wellbeing.

Black Obsidian

the master protector

Black Obsidian is formed when molten rock cools so rapidly that it is unable to form a crystallite structure resulting in an intense, beautiful volcanic glass. It provides a strong protective shield versus negativity, including others’ negative views and energies, psychic attack and the EMF's from phones & computers. It absorbs negative energies from the environment by bringing negative emotions to the surface to withdraw from within you, making this a deep healing stone. Linked to the Root Chakra, it is excellent in reigning in scattered energies and grounding you, giving a sense of security, safety and integrity

Blue opalite.jpg

Blue Opalite

the Emotional soother

Blue Opalite is a hand-crafted stone made from replicating opalisation of volcanic ash from dolomite mineral and metal to give opaque appearance. A talisman of personal power, it is known to enhance self-esteem and self-worth. The stone supports life transitions or changes by unleashing inner strength and fortitude. By balancing yin-yang energy it stabilises mood swings. Linked to the Throat and Third Eye chakra, it enhances clarity of communication, perception and wisdom, thus giving it its reputation as a success stone.

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