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Healing crystals have been around for centuries, providing healing properties that can give you a sense of peace and mental clarity, particularly needed at times of stress.


We have infused our crystals with essential oils to combine the theraputic effect of our bespoke blend of oils with the healing energy of crystals.


We do these individually, as mix and match sets of 3 and as a fixed 7-oil chakra set. 

Whilst you can mix and match any 3, we can recommend those in our Focus Toolkit, containing Citrine, Tigers' Eye and Fluorite. These three healing crystals which can help navigate study based challenges and combines them with our essential oil blends which are designed to create clarity and focus and also to provide calm, balance and support.

amethyst - intuition

black obsidian - protection

citrine - clarity

clear quartz - healing

fluorite - calmness

red agate - grounding

rose quartz - love & harmony

tiger’s eye - confidence

turquoise - purification

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