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EcoBuddy Ltd

We started our business as EcoBuddy Ltd with a desire to create products that enable all of us to reduce our carbon footprint without compromising our pocket or lifestyle.


We started organically with one product, our beautiful reusable bamboo cutlery wrap. Single use items (whether plastic or even bamboo) not only have a heavy carbon footprint - simply not worth the few minutes we use the item for - but also pollute our seas, as well as being consumed by sea creatures and even found in remote areas such as mountains and rivers either through being discarded mindlessly or through micro particles dropped in polluted rain - such as recently found in Snowden.


We are joyful every time we sell a reusable cutlery wrap because we know the difference it makes. For each reusable cutlery wrap sold there is one less lifetime use of single use cutlery. 

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