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Crystals for Anxiety

Our blog on Holistic Approach for Anxiety explains that anxiety is a necessary emotion as a protection alert from danger, propelling us to fight or take flight for our own survival. That blog provides an outline of your own inbuilt tools to manage anxiety so that it does not become the danger within.

This blog explains the wonderful crystal energies that are useful companions to dispelling anxiety and stress.


Calms the overactive mind. A crystal with a gentle soothing energy, dissipates anxiety and stress. An excellent aid for a peaceful sleep when placed under your pillow as you sleep.

Blue lace Agate

A pretty crystal that resembles the blue sky of a sunny day, brings a gentle peace of mind and calmness. Promotes forgiveness, allowing us to release grievances that disturb us, supports inner growth and enhances positive vibes.


With its iridescent colours it is both visually and energetically a mystical crystal. Provides a defensive shield against negativity and protects your auric field from others negativity and unwanted energies. Calms an overactive mind and channels the flow of fresh energy.

Rose Quartz

Known as the mothering crystal, it absorbs your emotional wounds, releasing the hurt from within you. Promotes unconditional self-love and thereby raises your self-esteem and inner emotional resilience. A rose quartz crystal under your pillow as you sleep is known to raise your self-esteem.


A beautiful, vibrant healing crystal, bringing peace and stillness within your auric field by dispelling anxiety and negativity in your auric field. Clears the clutter to enhance your clarity and perception, thereby activating the third eye chakra.


A striking crystal with such vibrancy. Dissolves negativity (a breeding place for anxiety!) and provides stability through its grounding energies. With its high vitality in colour, it releases an uplifting emotion to raise your mood and passions. An excellent crystal for imbalances that lead to unhealthy sleep or eating patterns or other compulsive behaviour.


Corresponding with the energy of the moon, it is a dispeller of darkness. Promotes clarity and perception of any situation and enhances intuition. A calming stones that quells overreaction to life events. Has a soothing, calming energy release.


With a powerful energising and rejuvenating energy release, this is an ideal stone for removing stagnant energy that does not serve your greater wellbeing. Empowers inner resilience to overcome emotional or physical difficulties. Releases patterns of ingrained behaviour patterns.

Please feel free to contact as if you want more information on the crystal energies. We can tailor make a bracelet / ring or a stack to suit your personal needs.

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