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The Hormonal Journey of Womanhood and How Crystals Can Help.

The 3M of the journey of womanhood has three distinct hormonal categories Maidenhood, Motherhood and Maturity.

The hormonal balance of each category is distinctly different as are the crystals that give balance.

Maidenhood, the innocent years: Transports the girl to a young woman. Not only is she dealing with a significant hormonal change but the modern day maiden has so many more pressures to contend with. Ideal crystal balancing for the young maiden would be rose quartz, rhodochrosite, pink tourmaline to sooth emotional wounds and energise unconditional love for oneself or carnelian, sunstone or citrine to boost motivation, passion and self esteem.

Motherhood, the responsibility years: From taking care of herself to taking care of others. She is the provider of love, support and care. The amazonite, aquamarine and turquoise give her confidence, clarity and effectiveness in her speech or the amethyst or blue lace agate to bring her peace, dissipate negativity and bring forgiveness and warmth.

Maturity, the wisdom years: Often a significant adjustment, not just hormonally but of less demands on her with grown children leaving the nest. A time to nurture the self and find peace. The clear quartz or Botswana agate bring inner peace, connecting her to her higher self, raising her vibration to possess greater clarity, wisdom and acceptance of life and the greater purpose.

Mother earth's crystals make a beautiful and healing companion on this wonderful journey of womanhood.

Reach out to us if you wanted any guidance on the best crystals for your journey.

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