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The Characteristics of Each Main Chakra.

The seven main Chakras sit on the energy line that runs along your spine (sushumna nadi).

Each of these have a dominant energy, explained as follows:

Root Chakra (Muladhara) :

The survival chakra. When your energies are dominant in the Muladhara food and sleep will be the most important factors in your life.

When this chakra is not balanced you will feel insecure, anxious as to your ability to provide food and shelter. Your psychology will tend towards unhealthy food consumption and sleep patterns.

The importance of balancing this chakra is as important as building secure foundations to any building. The stronger this chakra energy the more secure, confident you will be of yourself and your abilities.

Sacral Chakra (Svadhisthana) :

The passion and pleasure chakra. When your energies are balanced in Svadhisthana you will invoke passions and creative energy. You will desire to do more than eat and sleep.

An imbalance in this Chakra will manifest in a low energy, lack of incentive or desire to do anything. Balancing this chakra will open desires and unleash the motivation to achieve them.

Solar Plexus (Manipura) :

The dynamic chakra. The sun centre – the meeting point of all 72,000 lines of energies (nadis) that run within us. Where your energies are dominant in Manipura, you are an achiever – the energies that motivate willpower and the determination to achieve your goals.

An imbalance in this chakra will manifest in lack of focus, lack of will power, lack of self belief and confidence in oneself.

Balancing this chakra will unleash the dynamic energy of the sun within you permeating each of the 72,000 energy lines to allow your entire body and mind to conspire to achieve your goals.

Heart Chakra (Anahata).

The heart centre and the meeting point of the lower three survival chakras and the higher three spiritual chakras. The emotional energy associated with unconditional love.

Easily blocked and misaligned through hurt, pain and sorrow manifesting in anger, jealousy, hate, resentment – for others or towards yourself.

Balancing this chakra brings peace, harmony and self love within you and permeates into your auric field to bring peace and harmony in your relationships and attract love of the same frequency to you.

Throat Chakra (Vishuddha).

The power chakra; raising the ability to express your life, listen and speak. To make your energy dominant here you will need to have balanced the preceding four chakras.

Often blocked through past narratives or inhibitions, an imbalance in this chakra will manifest in not being able to speak your mind, find your voice or articulate yourself with clarity.

Balancing this chakra will heighten your clarity of understanding and communication. Smooth the flow of your dealings with others and allow you to enter your own power house of navigating your journey through life with less friction and more speed.

The gateway to spiritual evolution, clarity, perception and wisdom.

Third Eye Chakra (Ajna).

The wisdom centre. When your energies are dominant in Ajna, you will see things clearly, you will have greater perception, knowledge and understanding of people, situation and life through the ability to perceive more than you can through the five senses.

An imbalance in this chakra will inhibit your ability to access the higher truth, knowledge and wisdom.

Balancing this chakra will allow you to always have the truth, wisdom and knowledge within you to know what to say and what to do, creating an essence of peace and tranquillity within you as you hold the tools of wisdom within you.

Crown Chakra (sahasrara).

The bridge between you and your higher self. For most people this will be a dormant chakra, when activated it will open a thousand petals to receive the peace, tranquillity, wisdom and intelligence of the universe, your higher self, Brahma, God or whatever your reference of the higher energy is.

When your energies reach this chakra you are at the optimum of your being. You have the confidence, motivation, will power of the lower chakras combined with the compassion and unconditional love of the anahata and the clarity, wisdom and authentic power of the higher chakras, pushing forward the link to your higher self through the crown chakra.

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