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Holistic Approach for Managing Anxiety

Anxiety is a natural emotion and necessary for our survival. The awareness of danger kickstarts a chemical reaction within us to take flight or fight, whichever is most appropriate for survival.

In modern day life, anxiety has gone beyond its duty to protect us, anxiety now is one of the main causes of distress, mental health and unhappiness. Instead of protecting us from danger, it has become the danger within.

There are natural holistic tools we can build into our daily routines to dissipate anxiety and manage our stress.

The mind : Words and thoughts have a frequency. Every thought you have and every word you speak sits on your auric field and determines your energetic frequency. Low, sad, negative thoughts and words will create a negative energy around you. To resolve this, just observe your thoughts for a few days to quality assess as to whether they are conducive to your wellbeing. If not, counter each negative thought with a positive one, or repeat positive vibrational mantras, affirmations or even they lyrics of happy song. With practice and over time your mind will create a new habit of imparting higher frequency words and thoughts.

The breath: Deep long, slow breaths in and the same pace breath out will not only oxygenate the whole of your torso, releasing fresh energy, blood circulation and oxygen to all parts of your body, but will also activate and energise the solar plexus chakra. The solar plexus chakra is the meeting point of the 72,000 line of energy that travel through the entirety of your body. Deep breathing also causes that part of the brain that generates negative, anxious thoughts to become dormant. As anyone who practises breathing meditation will tell you, it is near on impossible to feel negative or anxious thoughts after breathing deeply in and out for a little while.

Connecting into the quality of your thoughts and breath are inherent tools you have at your disposal every moment of the day, you are in charge of you, you are able to improve the quality of your life, inner resilience, state of mind and joyfulness by tapping into the tools you were born with.

If you would like more tips on breathing meditation techniques then please reach out to us. We have an in house aspiring yogi who would love to guide you on breathing meditation.

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