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Holistic approach for Hormonal Balance

Who has not experienced the monthly hormonal roller coaster and cursed it!

It is said there is no coincidence that the human body is made up of 70% water as is the earth's surface.

The impact of the lunar cycle on the human body is the same as the impact it has on the ebb and flow of the ocean tide. The power of the dynamic influence of the moon's energy was evidenced in moving the giant ship container that had run aground in the Suez Canal causing a blockade to the crucial shipping trade route. Engineers waited for the full moon to make use of the swelling of the tide to free the grounded ship back onto its route.

The same ebb and flow is within us, with equal powerful impact - as we all know. The key to navigating our own hormonal balance within our deep waters is to do the same as the engineers did with the ship, work with nature.

Good quality sleep is crucial in reducing the negative impact of the hormonal changes. Psychologically, as well as physically, you will rise to the hormonal challenges better after a good nights sleep.

Yoga asana; postures and exercise, relieve tension, stretch away blockages and allow energetic flow.

Yogic breathing; pranayama is holistic in its inner healing ability. Alternate nose breathing balances the yin and yang within - ideal for riding the hormonal wave.

Crystals; mother earth has imbibed her magnificent healing energy in crystals. The following crystals are all helpful companions for hormonal balance:

Moonstone : Connected to the energy of the moon it is the ideal crystal for balancing the ebb and flow of the monthly cycle. Known as the crystal of fresh starts, it is the ideal at any time of change.

Chrysoprase : A bright, joyful crystal that is known to support a happier hormonal transition our bodies take through the lunar cycle.

Labradorite : A magical looking crystal that supports the ebb and flow created by hormonal change and ease menstrual tension.

Hematite : A strong grounding crystal that eases menstrual cramps and neutralises negativity.

Garnet : A strikingly beautiful crystal that is wonderful for reproductive health, hormone balance with its strong feminine healing energy.

Turquoise, Aquamarine or Amazonite : Each with a calmness of the sea, this sea blue range of crystals is ideal for promoting yin and yang balance.

Vedic wisdom tells us there are five layers of the human form. The first is the physical body, the other four are subtle bodies. Crystal energy and holistic approach connects with the subtle layers. It is important to check with your GP if the hormonal balance may be with your physical body (the first layer) as that will need medical attention.

If you want more information on this blog to help you navigate your own vessel then please contact us through the contact submission form.

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