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Crystal Rollers and Gua Sha

Used as a beauty and wellbeing tool by the ancient civilisations in China, Japan, India and South America, the Crystal Roller and Gua Sha have made a massive modern day come back.

The Crystal roller is ideal for enhancing a youthful glow in your face and neck. The roller works on two beneficial levels, the first being the physical rolling of the cool vibrant crystal roller on your face and neck. This increases blood circulation which brings fresh blood and oxygen to your face, giving you a natural flushed GLOW. The rolling motion also shifts stagnant energy reinvigorating the flow of nutrient-rich blood and energy (chi or prana). The rolling motion shifts the build-up of toxins into the lymphatic drainage.

The physicality of the roller leaves your face and neck feeling alive and vibrant with fresh energy, boosting a youthful facial glow. The duality of increasing the blood circulation and removing stagnant energy and toxins boosts your natural ability to create collagen; vital in maintaining firm muscle tone.

The smaller crystal roller head is ideal for the stagnant area around the eyes, not only is it soothing to roll the cold crystal across your close eyelids and the very sensitive and tender area just below the eye, but the increased blood flow reduces wrinkles, puffiness, dark circles and boosts vibrant youthful skin tone around your eyes.

The second beneficial level is the vibrancy of the beautiful crystal energy. Crystal were formed over many years within the earth's crust. Each crystal formation has a different colour and a different vibrational energy emission. The crystal energy adds to the overall GLOW as a result of regular use of this beautiful ancient tool.

The EcoBuddy Crystal Roller set comes with a crystal Gua Sha that has been used in ancient civilisation as an essential tool of wellbeing. Using the Gua Sha on your neck and throat area not only invigorates blood flow and oxygen in a vital area that houses your lymph nodes and thyroid but allows you to use the crook of the Gua Sha to firm up the muscle tone along the jaw line.

The Gua Sha is the most magnificent 'whole body' wellbeing tool and can be used on any part of the body, arms, hand, legs, feet, torso and back to boost blood circulation and remove stagnant energy and blockages. It quickly removes tensions knots in your back, shoulders and neck. The pointed section is ideal for breaking down cellulite build-up on your thighs and the smooth side is ideal for invigorating blood flow on your legs and thighs, especially on the calf to boost leg health and avoid the health issues that arise from stagnant energy in the lower leg area.

Come and visit us at one of the forthcoming festivals for a free demo (and relaxing massage) to maximise your knowledge on how to make the best of your Crystal Roller and Gua Sha Set.

Our set comes in a beautiful gift box, with four instructions cards detailing the magnificent history of the Roller and Gua Sha, instructions for a short facial yoga to enhance your facial GLOW, a picture diagram on how to use the roller on your face and a how to cleanse the crystals to maintain their vibrancy.

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