True Love Ring Stack

True Love Ring Stack

We've stacked the Rhodolite Garnet, Clear Quartz and Pink Tourmaline energy rings.

These sparkly rings represent self worth, support, strength and harmony


3.00mm micro faceted Rhodolite Garnet with Sterling Silver bead

3.25mm micro faceted Clear Quartz with Sterling Silver bead

3.25mm micro faceted Pink Tourmaline with Sterling Silver bead


Each piece is handmade, cleansed and blessed with Reiki energy.


Stretch ring - standard size 6cm

Custom sizes available on request.

Can be customised with a Sterling Silver or Gold-plated bead.


Rhodolite Garnet

The Stone of Inspiration, it helps you receive abundance on an emotional level, stimulating your feeling of self worth; encourages love, compassion and kindness.

Clear Quartz

The Master Healer brings healing energy; a natural energy cleanser, not only converting negtive energy into positive energy but clearing your mind and body of clutter; harmonises all the chakras; amplifies the energy of other crystals.

Pink Tourmaline

A primary stone for the Heart Chakra and linked to the Crown Chakra so infuses you with love and spirituality;  a stone of forgiveness, ecouraging compassion; helps release stress, worries and anxiety; allows you to open your heart.