Good Vibes Only Stack

Good Vibes Only Stack

A perfect combination for peace, balance and calm. Layer up the soft, pearly Moonstone, with the harmonious blends of the rose pink Rhodochrosite and the pomegranate dark red Garnet


4mm Moonstone with Sterling Silver accents

4mm Rhodochrosite with Sterling Silver accents

4mm Garnet with Sterling Silver accents and Clear Quartz charm


Stretch bracelet - standard size 16cm. 

Custom sizes available on request.

Can be customised with Gold Vermail beads and a choice of charms.


Each piece is handmade, cleansed and blessed with Reiki energy



This luminescent stone is for New Beginnings; connected to the energy of the moon it promotes clarity, intuition and awareness; activates the creative and intuitive power of feminine energy;  helps to balance female hormones at all stages of life; it stablises the emotions providing calmness; promotes inspiration, success and good fortune in love and business matters; connected to the Crown Chakra, its high frequency allows you to reach a higher state of alignment.


The Stone of the Compassionate Heart; it has a powerful energy within the heart chakra, so vibrates with the energy of love but that love energy directs the love first to yourself for emotional healing; it releases old wounds and opens you to attract a postive and happy energy into your life; lifts depression and encourages a positive attitude; improves self worth and confidence.


Linked to the Root Chakra and Heart Chakra;  its grounding energy will reinvigorate your passion and your heart with a new found energy helping you be connected with the present; its vibrations of passion and determination help you follow through your goals; keeps you focused on your creative power; a protective stone it provides a powerful shield against negative energies; a lucky stones: lucky for love, success and goals; activates and amplifies the effect of all other crystals.