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Seven Chakra clasped bracelet

A combination of crystals to helpbring balance & harmony to mind, body, and spirit

Chakras are energy centres in the body that govern different areas of our lives, such as personal power, love, and intuition. It is believed that there are over 100 chakras in our bodies, but we generally focus on seven of them

The 7 chakra bracelet helps to restore balance to the chakras, to help clear energy blockages and to promote positive energy flow.

RED JASPER - Root - Strength, Stamina, Energy, Vitality

CARNELIAN - Sacral - Courage, Stability, Passion, Creativity

CITRINE - Solar Plexus- Motivation, Success, Happiness, Abundance

GREEN AVENTURINE - Heart - Balancing, Personal Growth, Good luck, Abundance

AQUAMARINE - Throat - Protection, Rejuvenation, Loving, Intuition

AMETHYST - Third Eye - Intuition, Focus, Calm, Protection

CLEAR QURTZ - Crown - Master Healer, Balance, Protection, Cleansing

Bracelet Details

Clasped gold plated

4mm gemstone - Please expect some variations of the stone colour. All of them are naturally beautiful.

Size 16cm with a 2cm extender

Handcrafted in Jaipur

Please follow care instructions

4mm Seven Chakra Bracelet

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