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The Aquamarine has a calming and purifying energy. Balancing yin-yang energy of your home, it brings harmony, rationality and a healthy calm to your environment for you and your family. Connected to the Throat Chakra, it enhances communication and clarity of speech.


The Aquamarine's energy

Helps bring you feelings of inner peace and tranquillity

Helps you speak your truth with clear communication

Enables you to be compassionate towards yourself & others

Helps bring peace of mind, tranquility and reduce stress

Helps you feel empowered;


The Aquamarine Tree of Life is lovely in the bedroom for a restful sleep and in the workplace for it's ability to encourage your best level of communication.


300 Aquamarine Crystal Tree of Life

Only 5 left in stock
  • Just as leaves of a tree purify, cleanse and nourish the air we breathe, so do the crystal leaves of the Tree of Life.


    The subtle energy release of the crystal leaves enhances the energy frequency in your home and the energy force you live in, seeping into your auric field, raising your energies.

  • Regularly place the Tree of Life into sun or moonlight to energetically cleanse and recharge the healing properties of your crystal leaves

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