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Tiger’s Eye

Invokes passion, determination and willpower;

Increases willpower and motivation to make manifesting your goals and abundance much easier by activating the Solar Plexus

Helps focus the mind, promoting mental clarity, assisting us to resolve problems objectively and unclouded by emotions

Gives the strong sense of grounding and belief in yourself through aligning the Root Chakra.

Connected to the lower three Chakras

Each piece is unique and may differ slightly from the product pictured.

300 Crystal Tiger’s Eye Tree of Life

  • Just as leaves of a tree purify, cleanse and nourish the air we breathe, so do the crystal leaves of the Tree of Life.

    The subtle energy release of the crystal leaves enhances the energy frequency in your home and the energy force you live in, seeping into your auric field, raising your energies.

    Copper is known for its healing properties and as a conductor of energies. The copper trunk and branches of our Trees of Life amplify the conductivity of the crystal energy in your home.

  • Regularly place the Tree of Life into sun or moonlight to energetically cleanse and recharge the healing properties of your crystal leaves

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