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SoulSpace London

SoulSpace London is a small family-run business which offers products for holistic selfcare and wellbeing. We were founded in 2018 and are based in North West London.

Run by mother and daughter, we have chosen products that appeal to people in all stages of their life.


Our ranges now include Crystal Jewellery, Trees of Life, Wellbeing, Selfcare and Sustainability (EcoBuddy).

Our popular Crystal Jewellery collection of bracelets, rings, and necklaces is bespoke and handmade. Whether you’re looking for love, protection, abundance, or healing, we can guide you in choosing the combination for you. Available for the whole family, we have ranges for everyone; they are the perfect, personal and thoughtful gift.

Our new Trees of Life collection helps bring good energy and balance to your home through handmade crystal trees. Whether you’re looking to bring peace and communication to your living room, protection to your entryway, abundance and success to your workspace or love and harmony to your home, this range is for everyone.

Our unique Wellbeing collection includes chakra balancing roller bottles, which combine the energy of crystals with custom blended essential oils. Whether you want a full chakra set of 7 balancing, our 3-oil toolkit or a single to carry on the go, there is an oil for you. Our Focus Toolkit for children has proven to be one of the most popular combinations. 

Our Self Care range originated from our Gua Sha Crystal Facial Roller sets. These physically help promote youthful, glowing skin and combine this with the energy of the crystals they’re made from.

We believe selfcare is an essential part of an everyday routine, and it does not need to take hours of pain or a fortune in 'miracle products'. It simply requires as little as a few minutes regularly where you stop, breathe, and do something to take care of yourself.


We started our journey as EcoBuddy Ltd. with a desire to create products that enable all of us to reduce our carbon footprint without compromising our pocket or lifestyle. Our mission, above all, is to help everyone get and keep their glow! As we extended more towards crystal products, we have continued our EcoBuddy range of cutlery wraps and straws.

We hope you enjoy browsing, but if you need guidance in choosing the products that are right for you and your lifestyle, fill out our Contact Us form to book an appointment.


Lots of love,

Sonali and Keisha x

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Our most popular range is SelfCare, with a large choice of crystal facial rollers and Gua Sha sets. These beauty tools combine holistic and physical benefits; they are designed to promote youthful skin and boost your outer GLOW.




We have just launched our WellBeing range with our flagship product, our Chakra balancing set of 7 crystal rollerball bottles filled with essential oil infused crystals. All our essential oils are blended by our in house Reiki Master and can be applied to pulse points to balance and align your chakras.




Sustainability is the foundational goal of our EcoBuddy range. Our sustainability range is focused on reducing the use of any 'single use' product be that plastic or even bamboo. Even natural single use items have a high carbon foot print. Our products aim to protect our environment and reduce pollution in our oceans.

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