Let Me Shine Ring Stack

Let Me Shine Ring Stack

We've stacked the Rose Quartz, Aquamarine and Sunstone energy rings.

The warm shades of Sunstone sparkle like the sun; combined with the soothing Aquamarine and Rose Quartx to raise your inner glow.


2.5mm micro faceted Rose Quartz with Sterling Silver bead

2.5mm micro faceted Sunstone with Sterling Silver bead

2.5mm micro faceted Aquamarine with Sterling Silver bead


Stretch ring - standard size 6cm

Custom sizes available on request.

Can be customised with Gold-plated bead.


Rose Quartz

This pale pink crystal is the Stone of Love; it represents self-love, harmony and self acceptance; it promotes harmony in relationships; absorbs sadness, so a go-to crystal in times of emotional trauma.


A Stone of Courage; its calming energies reduce stress and quiet the mind; associated with the Thoat Chakra, it enables you to articulate your words with clarity and conviction and without anger in difficult situations; invokes tolerance of others and reduces sensitivity to help you live in harmony; peaceful and serene, a very high vibrational stone so wonderful for meditation.


Sunstone is linked to luck and good fortune; instills good nature and allows your real self to shine through happily; alleviates stress and increases vitality; facilitates independence; cuts ties with what no longer serves you; a good companion to lift your mood.