July Stacking Ring Set

July Stacking Ring Set

Limited edition for JulyCombining the beautiful energy of these 3 beautiful crystal energy rings for love, passion and vitality 2.00mm micro faceted Ruby 
3.25mm micro faceted Clear Quartz 
2.50mm micro faceted Rose Quartz 

Each piece is handmade, cleansed and blessed with Reiki energy. Stretch ring Can be customised with a Sterling Silver or Gold-plated bead.

Ruby - birthstone for July 
- Increases vitality and a zest for life
- Enhances motivation
- Encourages the exploration of new thoughts and ideas
- Bring joy, spontaneity and laughter
- Enhances feelings of passion -  both in life and in relationships
- Aids in opening the Heart Chakra

Rose Quartz
- Promotes unconditional love, peace, self love and compassion
- Promotes an attitude of loving and kindness
 - Calms after traumatic events and eases the grieving process
- Instills tenderness
- Soothes a broken heart
- Helps with emotional balance
- Encourages friendship & maternal love
- Promotes forgiveness, trust, and understanding

Clear Quartz - The Master Healer
- Assists with healing the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies
- Amplifies your intentions for manifesting
- Promotes mental clarity
- Amplifies energy in crystal
- Enhances your inner vision and intuition
- Balances and aligns the chakra centres
- Protects you energetically