Focus Tool Kit

Focus Tool Kit

Healing crystals have been around for centuries, providing healing properties that can give you a sense of peace and mental clarity, particularly needed at times of stress.


We have infused our crystals with essential oils to combine the theraputic effect of our bespoke blend of oils with the healing energy of crystals.


The New Year has brought a lot of uncertainties, especially for our children. Lockdown 3.0 means more screen time again for our children as online schooling returns for a little while.


We have chosen three healing crystals which can help navigate these challenges and combine them with our essential oil blends which are designed to create clarity and focus and also to provide calm, balance and support during these times.


The set comprises three crystal ball bottles. The healing properties of the bottles are explained as follows :


Purple Fluorite - Calmness

Energy: Dissipates tension, anxiety and stress・enhances concentration and focus・often used as a learning aid・enables greater absorption of learning・aids calmness and restful sleep

Wellbeing Focus: An aura cleansing crystal that balances the energies and creates peace

Essential Oils Aroma : Fractionated coconut oil with essential oils of chamomile, lavender and ylang ylang. An aromatic combination that dissipates anxiety and creates a calm ambience that promotes optimal learning.


Tiger's Eye - Confidence

Energy: Gives a sense of self-worth・dispels fear and anxiety・eases depressed mood・boosts confidence・aids clear thinking・ enhances positive attitude・invokes inner determination

Chakra Focus: Lower three chakras

Essential Oils Aroma: Fractionated coconut oil with essential oils of orange, vetiver and a little rosemary. An aroma that eases anxiety and provides a calming effect on emotions.


Citrine - Clarity

Energy: Invokes the energy of determination and will power・increases focus and clarity・aids clear thinking・combines to create an abundance of success・alleviates low mood

Wellbeing Focus: Crystal of creativity

Essential Oils Aroma : Fractionated coconut oil with essential oils of grapefruit, neroli and a few drops of rosemary to awaken the energy of motivation.


Hand blended, each bottle contains a delicate blend of essential oils to help you focus, balance and be at ease and optimum. Roll the oil daily to pulse points such as the wrist or apply to the palms, rub together and inhale. Take a peaceful enhancing moment for yourself.


The blends contain 5% or less essential oils so you can use for any child over 10 with adult supervision.