Citrine - Ray of Sunshine

Citrine - Ray of Sunshine

The Citrine with it beautiful yellow hues energises all levels of life. Known as the Merchant's Stone it attracts wealth, propersity and success; it is centred around good vibes so raises self esteem and self confidence; promotes motivationand activates creativity and encourages self expression; enhances concentration and revitalises the mind; it releases negative traits and depression; connected to the Sacral Chakra, Solar Plexus, the citrine will help with grounding and bring bring your inner strenghth shimmering to the surface; it is a perfect ally for realigning your energies and balancing your emotions.


Good Stacking Partners - Carnelian, Sunstone, Smokey Quartz


Stretch bracelet - 4mm beads

Custom sizes available on request - measure by what feels comfortable to wear

Each piece is handmade, cleansed and blessed with Reiki energy.



  • Wrist Size

    Please measure your wrist before ordering. Use a measure tape or string and measure to a point that is a comfortable fit on your wrist. If you prefer a looser fit, let us know.