Amethyst 7 Chakra Gemstone Bracelet.

Amethyst 7 Chakra Gemstone Bracelet.

'I have clarity, I have peace'

Connected with the third eye and crown chakra, this very powerful crystal dispels negative energies  to instils a calming and meditative stillness around you, thereby creating peace and allowing your inner joyfulness a release. Amethyst activates and opens the third eye, giving you greater clarity and a perception beyond the five senses. Allows you to see and understand people and situations better. By calming the mind, it allows the mind to work at an optimum level with enhanced memory and mental agility. The 7 chakra gemstones balance the 7 main chakras to give a beautiful, healing and holistic bracelet. Size dimensions : 6mm beads. 6.5cm diameter. 


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