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Carbon footprint of single use items

We have all seen the heartbreaking visuals of sea creatures with their stomachs full of plastic or with plastic rings trapped over their beaks so they are unable to open their beaks to eat. We have all seen visuals of the vast quantity of plastic in our oceans and we have heard of the micro plastics found in remote mountains deposited through polluted rain drops.

In recent years we have also witnessed and continue to witness the rising human consciousness and kindness towards the planet in the shift in consumer demands, with a desire to minimise the level of waste, a greater focus on recycling and a committed desire to avoid single use items to live a life with without a heavy carbon footprint.

Our reusable bamboo cutlery wrap is the foundation upon which this company was started. A simple desire to create a beautiful, organic reusable product at an affordable price. The reusable bamboo cutlery was specifically designed to ensure the knives were strong and sharp and the forks were strong and durable to cut and pierce through the meal of your choice! Our cotton canvas wrap, in three beautiful colours, is strong and durable to hold all the cutlery safely and firmly but can be easily washed and used over and over again, saving you from ever having to utilise a single use cutlery ever again.

The wrap includes a knife, fork, spoon and chopsticks in a strong durable bamboo, plus a metal straw, and straw cleaner.

Be the change, be the trailblazer. Your use of this reusable cutlery set will encourage others to do the same and together we can make a difference.

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